Brooke, Here!

Brooke, Here!

Hey, hey! This blog will be fun. Libbey and I were asked a handful of random questions and we're excited to be answering them as a way for our Mod Threads family to get to know us and our mission even better!

Q: How old are you?
A: I am 27. My golden birthday is coming up on October 28, 2021!

Q: Where are you from?
A: I was born and raised in Southern Illinois. 

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: I do! I am the first born of my parents and then they had Blake who is 21, then Abigail who is 19, and finally Maddison who is 17.

There's power in transparency; I feel led to share this with you:
I also have an older sister, Cady, who my parents adopted through Foster Care at a very early age and she is currently 29. She has struggled with substance abuse for many years. Although she chose a different path than any of us ever would have wanted for her, her distance in our daily lives doesn't make us love her any less.

If you have felt the grief of "losing" a loved one to drugs or alcohol, please reach out. The Lord has comforted me so much about this and I would love to encourage you and pray for you as you walk through that battle. Addiction is a crazy thing; the enemy rages war in families through this heartbreaking illness. I have walked it and felt it for the past fifteen years as I witnessed my big sister change into someone I no longer recognized. I watched my parents battle and fight for her until she no longer allowed them to. I am here to tell you that God is always taking what the enemy had meant for evil, AND HE IS TURNING IT FOR GOOD. He can always heal, He can always comfort, He can always work it out for our good. Hear me when I say this: He is also not the one who we place the blame on. It is easy to be frustrated and to doubt and have questions, but addiction does not come from Jesus. No darkness comes from Him. We can lean on Him to get us through what the ENEMY is out to kill, steal, and destroy in our lives. He is our ever present help!

Okay...I'm preaching now...thanks for reading that. Moving along!

Q: Are you married?
A: Yes! To my favorite human. Hayden was my 8th grade sweetheart as well as my best friend and ministry partner growing up. It's so fun to be able to see how far God continues to take us in life together! It will be 4 years of marriage this summer, and 13 years of sweet friendship. Praise Him!

Q: Do you have any children or pets?
A: In this season, we are currently foster parents! As the children in our home could always change, we currently get to love on THREE precious kiddos. A young man who is 6, a precious little girl who is 5, and a sweet boy who is 4. We also have two dogs! They are both Lab and Australian Shepard mix! Their names are Oakley and Winston. Fun Fact: I secretly think it would be fun to have some kind of business for dogs called "Winston & Oak" and sell healthy dog snacks and things like that. With what time? LOL! I'm a dreamer, I can't help but to think of things like that. HAHA! 

Q: What do you do when you're not doing Mod Threads?
A: If I'm not working on MT, I am probably teaching because it's currently my full time job or I am at church for something. I do treasure the rare time that I get to be at home, but that doesn't happen a lot!

Q: Where would you like your next vacation to be? 
A: The beach. Any beach. Please!

Q: What's your dream vacation?
A: I would love to explore Australia, Greece, and France. One day I will!

Q: What's your go to snack?
A: Popcorn or chocolate chip cookie dough. I also love Cheddar pretzels. I could eat the whole bag in a day.

Q: What's your favorite home cooked meal?
A: I have always loved when my mom makes Shepard's Pie. I won't eat anyone else's, because I don't like any other kind! If you don't know what that is, it's essentially a potato, pea, and hamburger casserole. It's creamy and topped with salt and pepper and it's so good to chow down on when it's a cozy night!

Q: How do your friends describe you?
A: On a good day, they would probably tell you that I'm energetic and spontaneous. On my not so good days, they would for sure tell you that I am stubborn and irrational. I'm a true 7w8 on the Enneagram. What can I say?  

Q: What's something you say a lot?
A: "That's funny!" or "uhm" and "like" when I talk.

Q: What's something you think a lot?
A: "Am I late?" "Am I forgetting something?" "I need coffee."

Q: What are some of your hobbies or interests?
A: Mod Threads is literally my hobby. It's so fun! I also enjoy quality time with my friends and shopping with them. I like writing, playing, and listening to music, too.

Q: How do you balance Mod Threads with your other responsibilities?
A: Libbey and I have a reoccurring conversation about this. It's truly something we just take week by week and kind of map out what needs done for Mod Threads and also what we need to invest in at home with our families or church responsibilities. We have a pretty good feel for when our bodies and minds need rest and we adjust accordingly. We just give each other grace and assistance as we venture through all of our tasks! It's A LOT, especially with us both working full-time at school and with kids and dogs running around, but by the grace of God we are juggling it all and enjoying how God is stretching and growing us through all of the hard work.

Q: What's something you're looking forward to?
A: Hayden and I are both walking through many transitions, one of which is buying our first home! I'll keep you posted on that one.

Q: What's something that God is teaching you right now?
A: DEPENDANCE. ON. HIM. Our church is currently doing a 40 day fast. I knew I was supposed to fast coffee and literally the first morning of being a mom of THREE was my first morning without coffee. God is funny like that! I need Him more than caffeine to carry me through. That'll preach!

Q: What's an area in your personal life where you want to grow in?
A: I really want to be better with a budget and staying on top of my house chores even with a busy schedule!

Q: When do you feel the most confident?
A: When I'm in a ball cap working on a project and being able to be creative and productive.

Q: What's your go-to Starbucks order?
A: If I'm getting coffee, I will get a White Chocolate Mocha Latte made breve. If I'm feeling spicy I will get sweet cream vanilla cold foam on top. If I am getting a tea, I love a London Fog or Chi Latte! I wish Starbucks had a blueberry flavored coffee or tea. You may think I'm crazy for that, but it's amazing.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat dinner at?
A: Truly, anything Mexican. I'm not picky. I love a good steak house or Fujiyama's, too!

Q: What's a simple pleasure that you have?
A: Being home at night in a clean house and having the candles lit.

Q: What's your favorite TV show?
A: One Tree Hill FOREVER! I also love Friends and Gossip Girl.

Q: What's your dream car?
A: One day Hayden will buy me Jeep. My dad and I are also obsessed with classic Ford Broncos. The new ones are pretty sweet, too. However, I think my next vehicle will have to be a van. I swore I'd never do it, but I totally get why all the moms drive one...

Q: Can you tell me something about yourself that not a lot of people know?
A: I have always wanted to write a Christian children's book series.

Q: What's the last song you listened to?
A: Prepare the Way by Bethel

Q: What are some of your favorite products at the moment?
A: Idole perfume, Tula skin care products, linen sprays and soy candles!

Q: What's your favorite book in the Bible?
A: How do you pick?? Right now I'd probably say Titus or James

Q: What's a goal that you're working towards right now? For Mod Threads and a personal goal that you have.
A: There are a lot of goals for Mod Threads. Right now, we are working on Photography and praying in a building! As for a personal goal, I want to get settled into our new home and into my new job this summer. I have a love/hate relationship with change and long to do lists. Getting the swing of a new normal will do my spirit some good!

Q: Do you consider yourself bold in your faith and worship? Does this tie into other aspects of your life?
A: I have gained some confidence in that area of my life, but honestly only over the last few months. I constantly battle with my insecurities and shortcomings and don't always consider myself "bold" but I've had to lean into Jesus and know that if I am worshipping with a pure heart with pure intentions, He does the work and the translating. I am not the best singer, I don't know rich Bible history, I fail often as a leader, BUT the Holy Spirit moves because He doesn't need me to be good...for Him to be good. My abilities don't change hearts; Jesus does. 

Q: How do you hope your personal "overflow" impacts those around you?
A: There's a quote that I love that says, "She will be known for the boldness of her faith in Jesus." I want people to see what Jesus has done and is doing though my personal testimony and through my family to help give them the comfort and confidence that comes when you say "Yes!" to Jesus, no matter what and no matter the cost. Following Jesus is an adventure that can't go wrong. I want people to follow Him closely, trust Him deeply, and experience His presence in both practical and powerful ways.

Q: What is your ultimate passion?
A: I have yet to find something that ignites my passion more than when the whole church is just utterly consumed by Jesus in praise and worship. Some of the clearest moments that I've heard God speak or when I've received direction from Him have been in those very moments and I just want that experience for everyone.

Q: How did you know to partner with each other in this dream that is now known as "Mod Threads Boutique"?
A: Libbey Reeves completes this mission. We are opposites of each other which is what makes this work so well because we complete on another. Specific concerns and weakness that I personally had when dreaming up this idea were all solved with Libbey's strengths and gifts. Elements of the business world that I have ZERO confidence in doing is where she thrives. And there are things about it that Libbey doesn't feel confident in, and that's the area that I work best in. We had such peace and God made it very clear in the most beautiful and subtle way. He is good like that!

Q: What's the future of Mod Threads Boutique?
A: Growth. Expansion. Wholesale. Market Days. Creating. And MORE!

Q: What's a scripture that you cling to?
A: Romans 12 The Message Version. GO READ IT!

What other questions do you have for us? Leave them in the comments!

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