A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

A dream, a walk, and good friends- That was the first pull of the thread that would be used to weave together Mod Threads, although we did not know it.

It was a sunny day in 2019. It was one of the first days that walking outside would be bearable with the weather. So, a group of friends including Brooke and I went on a stroll through some country roads to get some fresh air.

We had a lot to talk about.

It seems that we all had dreams and aspirations to achieve and this walk was the round table discussion of it all.

For me, I was in the process of applying for a job at a different district than I was currently teaching in. This district I was applying for was the grade school I went to and I was very eager for the job. I also knew that the cheerleading coaching position was going to be open and I was interested, but terrified about that because it meant competitions, games, and long practices practically every night. However, it had always been on my bucket list to coach at my old grade school. Leaving my first district was just a scary thought. What if I didn't like what I would be doing? Where I was going? Did I really want to apply and schedule that interview? Brooke was firm in her stance that she would stay in her district until she felt God call her elsewhere.

For another sweet friend of ours, she also knew about the cheerleading position and was talking about how she also had a goal to coach a competition team and we lightly threw out the idea of hey, what if we coached together?

However, Brooke filled us in on a dream she had recently. She had dreamed that there would be a boutique adventure in her future and she was ecstatic about entertaining the thought because she LOVES shopping, anyone who knows Brooke knows that, and she knew that boutique would be a ministry. I remember her talking about the aesthetics, product planning, scheduling sales, shipping, packaging, all the works. She had been watching some classes on boutique ownership and was just certain that a boutique would be in the future. I had no idea I would become involved so heavily at that point, but it was that talk that really was the starting point of Mod Threads unraveling to become what it is becoming. We did not have a name, we had no plan, it was all just a dream, hope, and desire. 

Dusk came upon us, so as always, we turned around and headed back to the house. We sat in the living room and talked about cheerleading and boutiques. It was an enjoyable night.

So, how did this all transpire from this point? In just a few short months here is where we all landed:

I ended up being offered and accepting the teaching position at my old grade school, which has been SUCH a blessing. It feels good to be in my old community with people I know and to pour back into it with a sense of thankfulness and pride for what the district meant to me.

I also accepted the cheerleading coach position along with my other sweet friend and we coached a year together. I did tell her that I felt very certain God was telling me I could only do one year. I was not sure why at the time, I thought maybe babies would be in our future at the end of the year, but that was not it as I am writing this two years past this walk and I have not yet had children. It makes sense now though. God is funny like that. More on that soon. We ended up coaching a great year with a team that no one thought could pull it off. We got fourth in state out of 15+ teams. It was one of the most stressful seasons of my life, but when I look back on it, I am so stinking proud of what my friend and I accomplished. She was amazing through it all and I know God put her in my life in the role for a very specific reason. 

As for Brooke, GUESS WHAT, I can't hardly even type this without praising God for His goodness and plan. Towards the end of that summer as Brooke was helping me prepare my classroom and was in and out of my district with me, she felt called to apply for a job within my district without even knowing when the next available position would be open. She ended up being hired just days before the school year started and we set up her classroom in a frenzy with some really long nights and really big Starbucks drinks. So now, we were coworkers!

At this point in time, August of 2019, we have to hit the pause button on the development of Mod Threads. These events are crucial to the unfolding of Mod Threads and had God's hand all over them, but keep in mind, "Mod Threads" still did not exist.

The only existence of Mod Threads was a literal dream, a goal, and a discussion on a walk one nice Spring day.

To see where our story took us next, read our next blog under The Mod Threads Journey, Shopping in the Rain.

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