2024 Q1: Collins' Rainbows

Pregnancy loss is a devastating walk for families. On top of the pain, support from peers around that time in our lives is often minimal. Statistics show that on average, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss. Pregnancy loss is not an extremely rare event, unfortunately. So, why is it so hard to talk about or to know what to do for those who experience it? Sammy McClellan decided to take this issue head on. She has walked through the loss of two pregnancies and knows the grief first hand. She has been able to produce good fruit from that difficult season by starting up Collins' Rainbows. Collins' Rainbows is an outreach ministry with a mission to extend comfort to grieving mothers who have lost their babies. Sammy is a full time teacher and out of her own pocket has funded care packages for mommas who have recently lost a baby. She often includes the devotional that helped her walk through her journey of pregnancy loss and some other goodies as well. Our hope is to support Sammy's ministry by providing it means to keep reaching struggling mommas. You can get on board by supporting the ministry financially or by purchasing items through an Amazon wishlist. These link to these wishlist items can be found on our social media platforms through March of 2024.

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