The Quarterly Mission Project

The team here at Mod Threads holds tight to the foundational principles that the boutique was founded on:

A Mission Mindset 

Each year, we select four ministries, or organizations, to donate towards. We set aside a portion of all income and at the end of the quarter, we make a monetary donation. We always have customers who want to give additional donations on top of what we are able to set aside as well, and we welcome that with open arms. Perhaps our favorite part, we try to incorporate a "hands and feet" component to the quarter as well. We may volunteer time with the selected ministry, collect additional items, or complete a specific project that they need assistance with.

The heart behind Mod Threads is that we will be more than a boutique. The clothes are our "what", but we never want them to be our "why". We hope to show the love of Jesus to all around us and we want to band together with our shopping community to make a difference. The quarterly mission project is a beautiful way that our vision at MT comes to life.

Do you have a ministry that Mod Threads could support in mind?

We are ecstatic to continue supporting ministries throughout the years. If you know of a ministry or operate a ministry that Mod Threads and its amazing customers could support for a quarter, please let us know by using the contact form below. We would love to hear about the ministry and its mission. The information that you submit below will come straight to our inbox and our Mod Threads team will review it.

  • Quarter 1: Collins' Rainbows

    Pregnancy loss is a devastating walk for families. On top of the pain, support from peers around that time in our lives is often minimal. Statistics show that on average, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss. Pregnancy loss is not an extremely rare event, unfortunately. So, why is it so hard to talk about or to know what to do for those who experience it? Sammy McClellan decided to take this issue head on. She has walked through the loss of two pregnancies and knows the grief first hand. She has been able to produce good fruit from that difficult season by starting up Collins' Rainbows. Collins' Rainbows is an outreach ministry with a mission to extend comfort to grieving mothers who have lost their babies. Sammy is a full time teacher and out of her own pocket has funded care packages for mommas who have recently lost a baby. She often includes the devotional that helped her walk through her journey of pregnancy loss and some other goodies as well. Our hope is to support Sammy's ministry by providing it means to keep reaching struggling mommas. You can get on board by supporting the ministry financially or by purchasing items through an Amazon wishlist. These link to these wishlist items can be found on our social media platforms through March of 2024.

  • Quarter 2: Susan's Song

    Susan’s Song is a ministry that was birthed out of the loss of Susan Gieselman. Susan joined Jesus in Heaven on November 16, 2021, after a courageous, year long battle with Neuroendocrine Cancer. A few months before she passed, God reminded Susan that her song was not over. Susan felt God leading her to open a food pantry. Through donations from the community, memorials made at her Celebration of Life, and through the support of Landmark Church, Susan’s Song came to life. Landmark Church holds Susan’s Song food giveaways once a quarter in the community of Mt.Vernon, Illinois. Susan was dedicated to helping and serving others and above all else, she would want you to experience the love of Jesus Christ.

    You can get involved in several ways. One, a percentage of every purchase goes towards the current quarterly mission. So, if you shop Mod Threads, you are also supporting Susan's Song. You can also make a monetary donation to Landmark Church or bring a donation into store. You can also check our social media for a list of items you can purchase at a local store and bring them into Mod Threads. Finally, you can make a purchase from this linked Amazon wishlist: Susan's Song Amazon Wishlist

  • Quarter 1: CASA

    For quarter one, Mod Threads sponsored a child at CASA. We also sponsored a fundraising event for CASA. You can learn more about CASA, the work they do, and how you can get involved by clicking the link below:

  • Quarter 2: Holy Sews

    During quarter two, we collected money for Holy Sews. This is a ministry that makes outfits for pre-term babies who are often stillborn. Finding a properly fitting outfit for babies born early can be nearly impossible. Holy Sews makes outfits and ships them to hospitals to have on hand for families who find themselves in need of this provision. This ministry provides a sense of dignity to these families in a hard time.

    In addition, we also partnered with Holy Sews to make "take home kits". Our amazing customers came into the store to sign out kits of tasks to complete at home. Many cut ribbons, glued bows onto tiny bears, and some even sewed full kits! It was amazing to watch our community step up and volunteer so willingly to this ministry.

    There is a constant need for volunteers within this ministry. You can learn how to get involved by following the link below:

  • Quarter 3: The Family Life Shelter

    For quarter three, we have selected The Family Life Shelter as our ministry to donate towards. We will be giving financial support through a donation. We will also be collecting supplies, additional monetary donations from anyone else who would like to give, and we will be making blessing bags. Blessing bags are bags packed with essential needs that someone who may be homeless could be in need of. For example, gloves, hats, socks, wipes, and some small snacks will be in each bag. These bags will be put together and left out for customers to take. The idea is that these bags will be kept in their car, or someplace handy, then they can bless someone in need if they run across them while out and about.

    If you want to actively get involved with this quarterly mission project, go to our Facebook page and read the pinned post about this mission for more information. You can learn more about the Family Life Shelter or give to them directly at the following link:

  • Quarter 4: Salty Farm Ministries

    Quarter 4 will wrap up our year for 2023. We will be supporting Salty Farm Ministries this quarter. Salty Farm Ministries is a ministry led by a couple from our hometown, Mt.Vernon, Illinois! JL and Rachelle Dunahee followed a huge calling from God, sold most of what they owned, and relocated with their kids to Panama City Beach, FL to serve the homeless veterans and homeless population. A financial donation will be made to the organization at the end of this quarter. This donation will be funded by a portion of all income being set aside for Salty Farm Ministries. We will also host a sock drive in November. Socks are a huge need for Salty Farm Ministries and we know every pair of socks makes a difference. Salty Farm merchandise will also arrive in store sometime in November and be available for purchase through the end of the year. 100% of the sales of this merchandise will go to Salty Farm Ministries directly.

    To follow along and get updates, please follow our Facebook page! To learn more about Salty Farm Ministries, go to this link:

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