2023 Q3: Family Life Shelter

For quarter three, we have selected The Family Life Shelter as our ministry to donate towards. We will be giving financial support through a donation. We will also be collecting supplies, additional monetary donations from anyone else who would like to give, and we will be making blessing bags. Blessing bags are bags packed with essential needs that someone who may be homeless could be in need of. For example, gloves, hats, socks, wipes, and some small snacks will be in each bag. These bags will be put together and left out for customers to take. The idea is that these bags will be kept in their car, or someplace handy, then they can bless someone in need if they run across them while out and about.
If you want to actively get involved with this quarterly mission project, go to our Facebook page and read the pinned post about this mission for more information.
You can learn more about the Family Life Shelter or give to them directly at the following link:

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