2023 Q4: Salty Farm Ministries

Quarter 4 will wrap up our year for 2023. We will be supporting Salty Farm Ministries this quarter. Salty Farm Ministries is a ministry led by a couple from our hometown, Mt.Vernon, Illinois! JL and Rachelle Dunahee followed a huge calling from God, sold most of what they owned, and relocated with their kids to Panama City Beach, FL to serve the homeless veterans and homeless population. A financial donation will be made to the organization at the end of this quarter. This donation will be funded by a portion of all income being set aside for Salty Farm Ministries. We will also host a sock drive in November. Socks are a huge need for Salty Farm Ministries and we know every pair of socks makes a difference. Salty Farm merchandise will also arrive in store sometime in November and be available for purchase through the end of the year. 100% of the sales of this merchandise will go to Salty Farm Ministries directly.
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To learn more about Salty Farm Ministries, go to this link:

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