Fostering a Forever

Fostering a Forever

It's not only my pleasure, but it's my honor to introduce you to my sweet church momma, Maria! Maria is an investor in people and a lover of Jesus. She is a wife, a mother, the women's pastor at our church, and a walking-talking testimony of the fruit that can grow and flourish from a life lived by blind faith and obedience. 

Maria is a lot of things to a lot of people, but one of the most powerful roles she recently claims is an advocate. Maria and her husband were blessed with two beautiful biological children and over the last few years, God has blessed them with three more precious children through the call of fostering. In the midst of the trials and triumphs of raising sweet babies and venturing through the journey towards adoption, Maria is true to share her heart for the children in the foster care system and to help build confidence in those who feel led to step in and open up their homes and hearts to help; just as she has done.

Maria is passionate about educating and supporting those who step into fostering. It's by no surprise that being a foster parent is challenging and has it's fair share of difficulties and she knows this. She is passionate about providing education, encouragement, resources, and wisdom to those who need an extra dose of Jesus to fuel their faith when times get tough as a foster parent. By sharing her heart, her testimony, and the triumphs that come even in the trying times, God uses Maria to lift spirits and to give momentum to those who need an extra boost to carry on.

If you're able; her prayer is that you're willing.

She will tell anyone who asks that foster care was never an avenue that she was interested in traveling down, nor was it something that her "Yes!" to Jesus came quickly or easily to. That's what makes Maria's testimony so pure. Her "Yes!" was drenched with fear and questions. Her "Yes!" felt blind and could have very easily fallen flat, but because Jesus is who He is, He met her where she was. Raw. Scared. Vulnerable. Unknowing, but willing. He led her step by step. He helped bring to life His provision over her and her family in a real and practical way each and every single day. Maria's trust in God grew because she allowed Him to grow her.

Jesus and Maria. Maria and Jesus. She grew to know her Shepard's voice and she walked with him to and through the calling of foster care. Now she is encouraging other's to do the same. Yes, the need for foster parents is vast and overbearing, but her desire is far beyond you serving in that capacity. Her prayer is that through all things and everything you face, you draw near to Jesus and you trust Him with all that you are. Learn to recognize your Shepard's voice as you draw closer and closer to Him.

Jesus has work for us to do and that may look different for you than it does for someone else. As for Maria, it looks like fostering a forever. She knows and believes that redemption still lies within the foster care system because even there Jesus is still not done. What work is Jesus still doing in your life? What will your blind faith lead you to? Our prayer is that your "Yes!" can be a little like Maria's. Maybe it's a little raw. Maybe it's a little scared. Maybe your "Yes!" is vulnerable and unknowing. Maybe, just maybe you really are willing. My friend, just know that Jesus can and will do more with a willing and obedient "Yes!" than He can with an unwilling "No."


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